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  At Schweinitz Enterprises, we help companies build superior teams—teams that enable profitability and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Product and service innovations can yield short-term success, but long-term performance is a direct result of employees who excel. We help companies compete more effectively in this market by partnering with them to recruit their most valuable asset: their EMPLOYEES.


  Schweinitz Enterprises is a different kind of Recruitment Company; we are functional specialists. We focus on the recruitment of engineering, skilled trades, information technology and sales and marketing professionals across all industry sectors. Our specialization affords us the opportunity to understand when skills and accomplishments are transferable across industry sectors and when they are not.


  Schweinitz Enterprises clients and candidates get the best of: customized searches, consultative and collaborative approach, personal attention and proven business processes.  Because we seek to build and nurture long-term relationships, our clients and candidates receive regular updates so they are constantly aware of the search project’s progress.


  Schweinitz Enterprises has maintained a reputation for credibility and integrity since 1997. These important qualities are in the Schweinitz Enterprises “DNA.” We have an unwavering focus on important and specialized recruitment functions.


  Schweinitz Enterprises will be your eyes and ears in the marketplace and the first point of contact a potential new employee will have with the organization.  At Schweinitz Enterprises, we safeguard your good name, protect your confidence and work diligently to honor our commitments every step of the way.  Our ten step program consists of the following:

1. Understanding of the Situation

  Prior to defining the Position Profile and initiating research, we will meet with the key stakeholders in the search to better understand your organization, the search context and the specifics of the employee’s role.  This information-gathering phase is the foundation of successful search.

2. Define the Position

  Our understanding of the specific requirements will allow us to develop a Position Profile, which is both the “roadmap” for the search and a document that can be shared with candidates. It will summarize the organization, the position’s scope and the desired management competencies, style and personality.

3. Identify the Potential Candidate Pool

  Guided by the Position Profile, we will identify potential candidates. Our research process includes a comprehensive review of our network of professionals as well as proactive outreach to functional and industry sources and selected potential candidates. Our nationwide network of recruiting and consulting services is a key component to identifying the right employee for your organization.

4. Evaluate Potential Candidates

  Our objective is to interview and critically evaluate the most promising professionals and introduce you to candidates who have a history of success. We will communicate with you regularly throughout this process, sharing market feedback, search status updates and potential candidates’ profiles.

5. Present the Candidates

  A full Candidate Profile, including an appraisal of the candidate’s fit, will be provided for every employee we present. We will facilitate the scheduling of your interviews as well as pre briefing and de-briefing the meetings with all parties.

6. Facilitate Selection

  We will work with you to select the final candidates who are the best fit based on the intelligence gained through preliminary referencing and in-depth interviewing. This is the point at which we often serve as an advisor on both sides of the client/candidate equation.

7. Conduct References

  Once mutual interest is assured, we conduct “360-degree” reference checks on your finalist or finalists, reaching out selectively to current and former superiors, subordinates, peers and third parties. In addition, we can verify post-secondary degrees, relevant certifications and licenses.  

8. Facilitate an Offer and Acceptance

  We will work with you to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement based upon the candidate’s compensation history. Our frequent communication will ensure everyone is well-informed about the status of the offer and that negotiations are on track.

9. Facilitate the Transition from Acceptance to Employment

  The transition period is our opportunity to make sure all parties are moving forward with the same end-goal in mind: a successful on-boarding and an enduring employment relationship. We will stay in close communication with all parties to facilitate a smooth and timely transition.

10. Conclude the Search

  We maintain continuous communication with all of those who have been involved to make sure they know how the search concluded. This fosters a positive perception of your reputation.

 Your Partner in Recruiting Talent!


Bill Schweinitz
I am a crane recruiter and work in the industrial sector and have placed over 725 crane professional in the past 7 an half years . Her is a little bit more about me. I have been in the hiring business for many years. I have opened 43 restaurants for many different companies, in which I would go in, hire and train crews of 200 employees and then move to the next restaurant and start the process over again. As my career grew, it turned to my passion in sports, where I opened and trained employees in concessions stands throughout the United States. I opened over 25 Sports venues like Spring Training in Florida and Arizona, American Airlines Center in Dallas, Comerica Park in Detroit and Chicago Bears stadium in Chicago as well as many others. After 32 years of hiring of employees I started my own recruiting firm Schweinitz Enterprises. We started our business in 2004 and it has grown because we have kept our philosophy simple, keeping people the main focus. We enjoy getting a person who is out of work or unhappy in their present position, a better position. And we do that by connecting them with the clients that we take great care in selecting. My main passion in my life is my family my loving wife of 28 years. I have a daughter 22 who is has juat grauated from college and has her " dream Job " has on air personality with engine radio in Houston., A son who is 20 years old and sophermore in college, a son who is 17 years old amd almost done with his junior of High school. We have 2 new additions this year as we adopted a 6 year boy and 2 year old brother (We got both right after theie birth) they keep our life interesting. So our family is still growing. The Lord has blessed our family to give back and help some of these children that so despartley love. We have 5 great childfren that bless our lives and enhance my wife and my life everyday.

Our Commitment

      "You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The ultimate end result will be your total satisfaction in the position of your choice and getting you great results."


          “I would warn any prospective customer that you are a bulldog; pursuing the job through to completion. Your 'need' to get the job filled is excellent and as I have a hundred other tasks occupying my time, I can rely on you to keep the search active and moving along.”     Scott Guttman, General Manager- Whiting Services

"Using a resource like Bill is actually a long term cost effective solution in building the best team possible. I know you will find as I have that Bill is a professional at what he does and he will work with you to achieve your personnel goals."    Tim Meadows, Branch Manager-Crane America Services

          "Prior to our association with Bill we struggled to find adequate candidates. Bill completed his due diligence to uncover our needs, but Bill acted on it in a timely manner and we quickly began to have numerous candidates from which to choose. Bill is diligent, persistent and focused like a laser beam on delivery results."   Jeffrey Parent, Regional Manager Operations- Terex Services North America

          "He allows us to receive extraordinary choices of candidates with proven track records and talent. His service approach to business is simple he listens! You can tell him the type of candidate you are looking for and he will go out and find that candidate for your company."   Ricky Griffis, Crane America Services 

          "Bill is the best recruiter that I have ever worked with. He is very detailed and always comes through with the candidate profile I am looking for."   Peter Jurta, Senior Vice President, Villa Enterprises Management